Importance of Gold and Reasons for Increase in Demand

Gold has always been one of the most precious metals. The distinctive and unique properties of it make it even more valuable. It would not be wrong to say that the worth of gold is undeniable and the benefits that are associated with it are numerous. It would also not be incorrect to say that the demand for this commodity will continue to rise even in the future.


The supply as well as export for this precious metal is of utmost importance. That is why, since a long period of time, this noble metal is being manufactured by various countries. The year 2012 onwards, China has come to be the largest exporter of gold in the world with a contribution of 15 per cent. Interestingly, Asia is not only the largest continent on the earth, it also is regarded as another largest manufacturer as a whole, along with China. It produces 22 per cent of gold. Africa being the third, it contributes 20 per cent of the total production in the world.

One amusing fact about precious metals is that while the ordinary metals exist in greater quantities than gold or silver, the valuable metal which cannot be found in abundance has a greater worth. Gold is admired by so many people because of its lustre and matchless color. Though various non-precious metals, such as brass and copper, can be made to appear like gold with the help of technologies and advancements available in the industry. But pure gold has its own aura and to own some is a feeling of special kind. And despite jewelry being made of various metals, both women and men have a constant desire to invest in jewelry made of gold. Likewise, silver too is a highly lustrous metal, it is next best to gold. But even then silver has become affordable in the recent years, however, gold has always come with its price tag.

The demand for gold being commercial in nature, made it agreeable for fashioning into jewellery. Apart from being accessories of worth, every ornament made from gold is also regarded as a form of investment, such an investment which can be used for multiple purposes, such as gifting to someone, wearing on occasions, selling in case of economical crisis or for financial gains, etc. Despite being so costly in price, the economical influences drive its production at a massive rate. But what is the reason for gold being produced on such a large scale and what makes it so important?

Gold is a kind of soft metal with multiple physical properties which make it so fascinating among the crowds. Firstly, it is malleable, it can be conveniently hammered into several shapes. It can be formed into thin sheets and being ductile, slender wires can be made from it. Though it may tarnish with time at a pace much slower than that of other metals, its worth would still be valuable. One of the most important reasons among these is that many women are allergic to non-precious metals, therefore, they prefer wearing gold.

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While several regions in the world manufacture gold at wholesale prices, it is important for every customer to make purchase only from a reliable one. Amidst so many producers, Vogue Crafts and Designs Pvt. Ltd. is one such trustworthy international wholesale manufacturer of gold jewellery. It is a widely experienced jewellery exporting brand which specializes in providing gold bangles, cuffs, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, anklets, earrings, rings, etc. With the help of its own production setup, along with a team of highly experienced designers and proficient craftsmen, it provides high quality gold jewellery at best prices.

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