Gone are the days for your traditional mangalsutra necklaces

Done and dusted are the days when people wore typical traditional mangalsutra with black beads and a pendant in the centre. With changing time our millennial brides are looking for something different and unique, which they can carry every day. Mangalsutra is one of the most significant accessory of a married woman. Gone are the days when brides use to prefer those mangalsutra necklaces. To ampt your bridal look post weddings, here are some of the trendiest magalsutra that we have spotted for our modern day brides.

Mangalsutra Bracelets & Rings

This ‘suhag ki nishani’ that the groom puts around the bride’s neck on the wedding day is a symbol of their love and commitment. The auspicious thread aka mangalsutra is a symbol that unites two souls as they start their new journey. So, to all the Brides-to-be out there, if you are planning to get married soon, don’t forget to bookmark these amazing mangalsutra ring and bracelet that are both trendy and sophisticated for you.

Mangalsutra Bracelet-These mangalsutra bracelets are doing the rounds recently. And if you have any doubt on choosing these modern bracelets over your good old mangalsutra .Stop and have a look at these amazing choices that we are about to introduce.

Diamond studded bracelets-These amazing styles of mangalsutra bracelets are embedded with tiny diamonds forming a cluster in the middle gives you the chic look that you can look forward to use in your day to day life and to wear you traditional roots with a twist.

The One with Star Sign-Do you remember Sonam Kapoor Ahunja’s mangalsutra with her and her beau’s

Star sign on it? This trendsetting mangalsutra design can be easily incorporated in a mangalsutra bracelet. For all the brides who believe in the power of star signs, this is a definite pick for you. Customize it according to your choice and play around with symbols; get them diamond-studded or gold plated, it’s all up to you. Show off your love for your soul mate in fashionable yet classic way.

The Dangling Pendant– These mangalsutra bracelets are both trendy and traditional. They ooze a certain kind of grace that is compared to none. The dangling pendant looks stunning and is suitable for the millennial brides-to-be. These mangalsutra bracelets will suit both, the traditional attire, as well as western dresses and compliment the bride beautifully.

Mangalsutra Rings-As much as we love the mangalsutra bracelets, another trend of mangalsutra rings have also been catching up. The sacred black beads of the mangalsutra embedded in the form of a ring with diamonds and even gold is one of the top rages amongst the brides. So let’s dive into the trending mangalsutra rings.

The Layered Ring –These three layered rings with two layers of black beads and in to middle a layer of diamonds are the real eye catchers. A variation to this gorgeous design is taking the black beads as the center and surrounding it with a line of diamonds on both sides just like this ring. It will look equally stunning.

The Gold Ring– These simple mangalsutra gold rings with a heart design are so worth it. They are delicate yet speak nothing but elegance. The black beads are skillfully embedded in the band which gives its utmost perfection. Millennial brides go and grab these beauties because you’ll totally adore them the moment you will put a ring on it!

The Pendant Style Ring-These rings gives you a glimpse of the miniature version of our traditional mangalsutra. These rings have designs inspired by the motifs that are imbedded in the pendants for the mangalsutra.

We are sure that you must have loved these mangalsutra bracelets and rings. And if we are not wrong, you must have already set your hearts on one of these and have bookmarked it for your special day.


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