Mandala Art-Our new Mantra

Our world is full of things which are mystical and divine; as such things have made spirituality their new ‘mantra’. Inspired by such things we have created our collection inspired by ‘Mandala art’. This art is gaining popularity at such a rate that you will see their patterns from your clothing to your home decor; these intricately patterned designs are always popping up on our Instagram feed as well. And this art form is not some exotic trend, but these are the signs and symbols that have been existing in our world for centuries. Though in the western countries ‘Mandala’ has become a generic term to refer to any circular ornament used in meditation as a relaxation tool, on the contrary; this symbol usually represented by intricate concentric circles has a deeper meaning. They are spiritual symbols that are considered to be a visual representation of the cosmos.

‘Mandala’ means Circle in Sanskrit. And usually the pattern in mandala art is created with the formation of concentric circle followed by patterns within the circle. This form of circles means that is everything in the world is interconnected and never-ending. This spiritual symbol is commonly found in Hinduism, Buddhism and some aspects of Jainism. The centre of the mandala is a dot which is a symbol that is considered to be free of dimensions, the dot is surrounded by lines and geometrical patterns that symbolize the universe and this is encompassed by an outer circle which represents the cyclical nature of life. As per Buddhism they represent the presence of Buddha’s mind in an abstract form which is usually represented as a wheel, tree, flower or jewel.

Our delicate Mandala collection is a representation of the cosmos and our relationship with the mystical infinite. It is inspired by the geometric figures symbolizing wholeness. Wearing these delicate hand-crafted, pieces every day is a perfect way to reconnect with your spiritual core and let the universal energy resonate from within you. Our exquisite mandala pendants,  earrings and bracelets are handcrafted by some of our amazing and talented craftsmen. So not only it will give you the calming sensation but also every piece is a remarkable example our craftsmanship. You can pair these designs with any outfit be it western or Indian. These designs are light weighted and have delicate circular pattern to match it with your everyday look. Mandalas have many benefits from improving sleep to enhancing self-esteem. It is known to foster a sense of connectedness with one’s self and others and bring about self-acceptance. So bring home a piece of our magnificent mandala collection and stay connected to your spiritual self.

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