All about Diamond and Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewel

Diamond is one of the highly desired gemstones. It can be understood as an allotrope of carbon, meaning to say that it is one of the different forms of the element. It is transparent and has a very shiny appearance. The name of this gemstone has been derived from the Greek word “adamas” which means something that is unconquerable or immortal. Interestingly, the Greeks held the belief that diamonds were tears of the Gods and associated these with mystical and special powers.

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Reasons for Rising Popularity of Fashion Jewelry

Cream Silk Thread and Rhinestone Bangles

Jewellery has been essential to the humans ever since it was discovered. Though the stones, gems and metals were beautiful even in their raw forms, what developed the idea and inspired the humans to make personal adornments with them is indeed wondrous. Why humans adored these jewels so much that they prefer themselves being buried them after they died and how did the transformation came from collecting expensive jewellery to ornaments made with inexpensive materials?

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Importance of Gold and Reasons for Increase in Demand

Gold has always been one of the most precious metals. The distinctive and unique properties of it make it even more valuable. It would not be wrong to say that the worth of gold is undeniable and the benefits that are associated with it are numerous. It would also not be incorrect to say that the demand for this commodity will continue to rise even in the future.

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